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This is my current camping gear setup to match my Advanced Elements Airfusion. The idea is to be as light as possible without sacrificing to much comfort in a set up compact enough to be able to maintain a not so crowded deck.
This gear has been tested on multi day trips of up to 7 day on temperatures rating from humid 35 degrees Celsius to dry 15 degrees C
The packed set  is intended to be carried like a normal checked luggage  combined with a”generous” on board bag.


 1. Advanced Elements Airfusion Kayak with Airfusion skeg
2. Ortlieb X-Tremer XXL transport bag 130L – 1300 g
3. 4-part kayak paddle
4. Paddle float
5. Foot pump
6. AE Touring spray skirt
7. Black Diamond Firstlight Tent 208 x 123 x 123 x 107 cm – 1.5 kg
8. Stohlquist Drifter PFD
9. Thermarest self-inflating ProLite mattresses Small 51 x 119 cm
10. Lafuma Extrem 600 sleeping bag 560g
11. Sea to summit Lightweight Dry Sack 8L
12. Sea to summit Lightweight Dry Sack 8L
13. Palm Rock Neoprene shoes
14. MSR Pocket Rocket Stove , gas canister , aluminum pot,
15. Sea to summit Dry Lite Towel Large
16. Sea to summit Ultra-Sil Dry Daypack
17. Bilge pump


8 liters dry sack  0n the back with cooking gear

Compressed  Ultra-Sil 20L Dry Daypack with day foot and gear on the front.


20 Liters dry  sack behind the seat with tent, mattresses and sleeping bag.

IMG_1828kayak and gear packed ready for transport.

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  1. Wow…compactly packed!!… something we all want to do, pack things light also not compromising on the comfort element. These surely enlightens us on how to pack for a kayak expedition trip.

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