Every winter season starts with the same important task; figuring out your time to ski. Hard balance between work, family and ski time.
This last  winter  thanks to the never ending bombarding of ads from one of our beloved ski brands we discover the Dawn Patrol concept:
Back in the early ‘90s, the late, great Alex Lowe was the commander-in-chief of a crew of Black Diamond employees that would wake up at inhuman hours in order to score turns before having to be at work.
This is a little review of our past winter and our effort to embrace the Dawn Patrol culture.

IMG_0674Getting  fit with the easy piste skin up training.




Forget lift assisted acces; at inhuman hours you will always star from the car park. Cafe for the designated driver.



A good light system is essential.



???????????????????????????????Dawn patrol advantage; Twilight hours don’t count!



???????????????????????????????Sooner or later it will get warm.


And Fun!



Until it melts.

#chamonix #skituring #dawnpatrol


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