In the heart of the deep fjords of the Arctic East Greenland, surrounded by steep granite mountains, a small village called Kuummiut lies buried in snow. This Inuit hunter’s village of 350 inhabitants finds itself at the edge of one of the most impressive mountain ranges one can find on the planet. This is the ideal place to discover the still existing Inuit hunters culture at the same time as one enjoys the finest alpine touring skiing one could possibly dream about.   This expedition is a discovery on alpine touring skis and sea kayaks of these magnificent mountains as well as of the great people that have survived for thousands of years in this hostile environment.

The main navigable waterway in the region at this  time of year is Ammassalik Fjord. Depending on how the sea ice forms each year, the fjord is usually open water to around Kuummiut (sometimes further north), where we will meet the ice-edge. Most of the subsidiary fjords also freeze in winter; some well enough to travel safely on skis, others not. Our main challenge will be dealing with the pack ice which moves down the east coast and drifts in and out of Ammassalik Fjord; calm conditions often see pack ice moving a long way into the fjord, whilst the occasional north-easterly storms tend to push it back out again.


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With good conditions for travel up the fjord, there’s plenty of skiing to be accessed direct from the shore. If we are  able to site a shore-side base camp and go off exploring, moving camp a few times during the trip,

We will document the preparation for the expedition and the expedition on our social media platforms; Instagram, Youtube,  Facebook and Twitter, Catering specific video content for each particular platform. This content will be available to all our supporters as it gets produce. (because of the alpine location of  our operation, we produce content on weekly basis)  

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